In a big variety of music, I will write music scores to fit any sort of media, such as:
TV, Film, Games, Trailer, Teaser and musical shows.
Listen to my music in the
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Thanks and enjoy!



At the age of 15, I began to play the classical piano.
A few years later, I graduated from Hvitfeldtska High School with an orientation of music.
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden with my family, concerning a wife and 2 beautiful daughters.

I developed a good sense of composing in high school and finished my senior project by writing a piano concerto for piano and orchestra which the school had a concert with as myself as a soloist.

I am extremely dedicated to my work as I spend many hours by the studio, creating the most powerful and sensitive compositions.


Music takes a big role in today's media.
A well-crafted composition is therefore more important since it takes any visual scene to a whole new level.