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Film Scores

Gilded Destiny
With You
Searching for Gold
Anchor 1

Affekt Film

Feature / Drama, History
Directer: John Thornblad
Producer: Johan Fågelström

Composer: John Skoog
SVT Play

Aquila Interactive

Grand Strategic Game

Available 2024 on Steam


Composer: John Skoog

Norse Legend Production

Short Film / Drama

Director: Peppe Seguera

Story: Nurbo Bozan

Starring: Elli Avram & Nurbo Bozan

Music: John Skoog & Isabelle Andö

Orchestral fantasy music

Composer & Orchestrator: John Skoog
Service: Cinemagic Scoring
Performed: Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded: Milestone Studios

The Deserter

Affekt Film

Feature / Crime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Director: John Thornblad
Producer: Johan Fågelström

Music: John Skoog, Benny Gustavsson,

Robin Bergström

Amazon Prime

Asrayfi, The Water Master of Figuig


Director: Tarik Benbrahim


Tystnad i Taxin

Larsson Akriv och Filmproduktion AB

Short FIlm
Director: Alexander Larsson



Director: Nurbo Bozan



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Other services


Sound Design

Sound Designing the Fizzi App. Every UX implementations is designed and created from scratch. Alongside with Julian, (Music Composer) we were able to bring this amazing 3D world more depth and give its users a high-quality Audible experience. Created by: Mark Mullins

Sound Edit

'A Girl Named Alice' Thriller Feature by Echoe Productions Director: Jesse Lane Working closely with the director of the movie, we thrived towards creating a soundscape where tension and unsettlement were apparent yet grounded throughout the entire film.


Arrangements & Orchestrations 

From creating intricate orchestrations for complex compositions to adding subtle and tasteful arrangements to enhance your melodies. Whether you're seeking arrangements, orchestrations or music engraving, I can tailor my skills to suit your specific needs.

As an orchestrator and arranger, my role is to work closely with the composer or producer to ensure that the music is realized in the most effective and efficient way possible. I bring a deep understanding of instrumental techniques, orchestration strategies and musical theory to the table, allowing you to transform a your musical vision into a full, rich, and nuanced orchestral arrangement. Whether you are working on a film score, a TV show, a game soundtrack, or any other type of project that involves live instruments, my orchestration and arranging skills can help you to take the music to the next level.

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