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John Skoog

Film Composer /\ Game Composer Sound Designer

"He delivered under pressure and took directive very well."He is a musical chameleon"
John F. Lindqvist
"Excellent work! His (music composer) composition grounds the animation but your sfx really make it sparkle"
Mark Mullins
"John did an excellent job creating an original score for my short film. He is responsive and prompt. I can recommend him to others, and hope to work with him in the future."
Rick Gates
"Great work! It’s very detailed and well executed. Good job!"
Daniel Viragh
"John strove to "go the extra mile" with everything he did for me. He is extremely polite and professional. I would definitely recommend him."
Patrick Phillips
"Being so quick, disciplined and on point"
Bianca J. Montobbio
"John's talent shines through in every note, making him an ideal choice for any gaming project, especially if you have a need for classical music. Don't miss the chance to work with a visionary like John Skoog for your next gaming project!"
Aquila Interactive


My experience and passion can easily be divided into these 3 categories.


With years of experience in film scoring, I understand how music can evoke emotion, create tension, and capture the essence of a scene. From epic orchestral arrangements to intimate piano compositions, I have the skills and knowledge to craft a unique and compelling score that perfectly complements your story.

Sound Speakers

With a huge passion for pushing the boundaries of audio design, I bring a unique approach to sound creation. From creating realistic and immersive sound effects to designing complex soundscapes, I use cutting-edge tools, techniques, and my artistic intuition to deliver audio that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Sheet Music

Imagine your music being performed by a full orchestra, with soaring strings, majestic brass, and thundering percussion, adding depth, emotion, and grandeur to your sound. Whether you're working on a film score, a classical composition, a pop ballad, or any other genre, I can help you achieve the professional sound you've always dreamed of.



Selected Music

Feel free to listen to some of my music from various movies, short films, documentaries and more.

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Sound Design

Sound Designing the Fizzi App.

Every UX implementations is designed and created from scratch.

Alongside with Julian, (Music Composer) we were able to bring this amazing 3D world more depth and give its users a high-quality Audible experience.

Created by: Mark Mullins

Sound Edit

'A Girl Named Alice'

Thriller Feature by

Echoe Productions

Director: Jesse Lane

Working closely with the director of the movie, we thrived towards creating a soundscape where tension and unsettlement were apparent yet grounded throughout the entire film. 



Arrangements, orchestrations & engraving

From creating intricate orchestrations for complex compositions to adding subtle and tasteful arrangements to enhance your melodies. Whether you're seeking arrangements, orchestrations or music engraving, I can tailor my skills to suit your specific needs.

As an orchestrator and arranger, my role is to work closely with the composer or producer to ensure that the music is realized in the most effective and efficient way possible. I bring a deep understanding of instrumental techniques, orchestration strategies and musical theory to the table, allowing you to transform a your musical vision into a full, rich, and nuanced orchestral arrangement. Whether you are working on a film score, a TV show, a game soundtrack, or any other type of project that involves live instruments, my orchestration and arranging skills can help you to take the music to the next level.

Film Scores

Film Scores


Affekt Film
Directer: John Thornblad
Producer: Johan Fågelström
Trailer: Rasmus Tirzitis
Music: John Skoog
Cinema Release - Spring 2023

With You

Norse Legend Production

Director: Peppe Seguera

Story: Nurbo Bozan

Starring: Elli Avram & Nurbo Bozan
Music: John Skoog & Isabelle Andö
Release: 2022

The Deserter

Affekt Film
Director: John Thornblad
Producer: Johan Fågelström
Trailer: Rasmus Tirzitis
Music: John Skoog, Benny Gustavsson,

Robin Bergström
Release - Fall 2022

Searching for Gold

Orchestral fantasy music
Composer & Orchestrator: John Skoog
Service: Cinemagic Scoring
Performed: Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded: Milestone Studios


John Skoog Apulia Soundtrack Awards

John was born 1992 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He attended the Music Oriented School Hvitfeldtska where he was taught the piano and composition.

He wrote his first film music 2018 when he was commissioned to score the short film 'Wedding Dance' by Bianca J. Montobbio which was a turning point in his life and since then he has written numerous scores for film.

Coming from a classical background, John specializes in classical scoring and orchestration with a fresh mix of modern style and sound.

He incorporates many elements from the classical style to capture and subconsciously tell the story of the picture.

In 2021 John scored along side with violinist Isabelle Andö the Swedish Short Film 'With You' which received a Finalist placement at Cannes World Film Festival.

His score for 'Backwoods' by Jesse Lane awarded him with Best Original Score for a Motion Picture at the Foreman Empire International Film Festival 2021.

Scoring the movies 'The Deserter' and 'Sockerexperimentet' started 2020 which has led to a long collaboration with Production Company Affekt Film where distribution of their movies is currently world-wide.

John is an award-winning music composer who is represented by

Kreativ Artist.

Stockholm City Film Festival
Cannes World Film Festival
Foreman Empire Production International Film Festival
Berlin Indie Film Festival


With You
The Deserter
Tystnad i Taxin
The Night Before
Myrdal 92
Then the Prince Arrived
Dear Red Killer Clown


I would love to hear more about your project.

Please contact me below and we can start creating that score together to enhance your story.

John is represented by


For any inquiries, email:

Phone: +1(310) 907-5735

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