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"With You" - Trailer
Swe: Backar du så backar jag

Story: Nurbo Bozan - Directer: Peppe Segura - Producer: José Johansson -
Prod Company: Norselegend Productions - Music: John Skoog & Isabelle Andö

Full film:

"Searching for Gold"

Composed by John Skoog

Services by Cinemagic Scoring - Recorded by Milestone Studios - Performed by Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

New single out now!

"You and I"

From the motion picture Siblings by Jesse Lane and Echoe Productions

Music & Lyrics: John Skoog

Vocals: Pernilla Lakso

New album out now!

"Asrayfi, the Water Master of Figuig"

Documentary by Tarik Benbrahim and Tira Productions

collaboration with TV 2M Morocco

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