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John Skoog Apulia Soundtrack Awards

John was born 1992 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He attended the Music Oriented School Hvitfeldtska where he was taught the piano and composition.

He wrote his first film music 2018 when he was commissioned to score the short film 'Wedding Dance' by Bianca J. Montobbio which was a turning point in his life and since then he has written numerous scores for film.

Coming from a classical background, John specializes in classical scoring and orchestration with a fresh mix of modern style and sound.

He incorporates many elements from the classical style to capture and subconsciously tell the story of the picture.

In 2021 John scored along side with violinist Isabelle Andö the Swedish Short Film 'With You' which received a Finalist placement at Cannes World Film Festival.

His score for 'Backwoods' by Jesse Lane awarded him with Best Original Score for a Motion Picture at the Foreman Empire International Film Festival 2021.

Scoring the movies 'The Deserter' and Guldbagge-nominated 'Sockerexperimentet' started 2020 which has led to a long collaboration with Production Company Affekt Film where distribution of their movies is currently world-wide.

John is an award-winning music composer who is represented by

Kreativ Artist.



With You
The Deserter
Tystnad i Taxin
The Night Before
Myrdal 92
Then the Prince Arrived
Dear Red Killer Clown

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Aquila Interactive

“John's talent shines through in every note, making him an ideal choice for any gaming project, especially if you have a need for orchestral music. Don't miss the chance to work with a visionary like John Skoog for your next gaming project!"
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